Gazelle des Iles Testimonial

The day I saw the construction of the Gazelle des Iles’ hull, I knew that the boat I’d dreamt of was becoming a reality. I was going to get back in touch with my inner child on board my father’s rowboat.

I’ve been the happy owner of a Gazelle des Iles for a few months and it has captured my friends and family’s hearts no matter their age.

I was looking for a boat that was easy to maintain, transport and handle alone to get off the coast – category D – in total safety.
On the first trip, I realised when I launched the boat that I was no expert in reversing a trailer. What a surprise! After a few minutes fumbling around, I finally got to the bottom of the dry-dock and was properly aligned. A suitable tilting trailer with appropriate wheels made launching the boat as easy as loading it with no need for extra help despite my small build.
The silent electric motor is powerful enough to get you out of the port and is an investment that I like but it’s very easy to get about by sculling.
Since it’s designed for sailing, it’s pure joy at sea! 
I was able to set out during a light breeze with a gaff cutter and beat windward in the swell for several hours without getting tired, sitting comfortably at the back of the boat on a large fender. And I was no less content in a catboat with 55km/hr winds (a day that was perfect for windsurfers!) without getting a drop of water in the boat or putting myself in danger.

After Vilaine Bay, a fabulous and uncrowded playground, I experienced the joys of navigating through the Morbihan Gulf’s islands by setting off from different docks in Vannes, Le Logéo and Montsarrac. The sails’ ease of manoeuvre and the lack of boom (editor’s note: and the flat bottom!) once again enabled me to safely navigate between the oyster farms and countless fast and noisy boats by using the currents. 
I hope to be able to sail in other areas whilst I wait for the Genoa jib. I’d like to thank Patrick and Marie for designing boats whose light weight and easy handling mean we can take them everywhere. 
A. (56).