The Gazelle des Îles

The Gazelle des îles: family-friendly, smart and comfortable

For sailing enthusiasts, the versatile sails and electric motor (optional) give you controlled power.  For small crews and families, have an adventure around the islands no matter what the sea throws at you.

  • Ballasted Gaff Sloop
  • Versatile Schooner
  •   Transportable
  •      Safe
  •         Simple

Your family-friendly light boat!

Many different types of   Gazelles  des Iles



gdisloop   goelettesloopgbfoc de g
  • 1 sail    '   Cat-boat'
  • ref. C1
  • 2   sails  'Gaff cutter' :
  • ref. C2
  • 3   sails 'Sloop'
  • ref. C3
  • 5   sails 'schooner'
  • réf. C4
  • Options : Gennaker, Spinnaker, Top-sail, etc.
  • ref. V1, V2, V3
La gazelle des sables