The Gazelle des Sables

The Gazelle des Sables:  self-righting mini-boat

For sailing enthusiast to experience the thrill of an agile and elegant keelboat with versatile sails that the whole family, from beginner to expert, will love. 

  • Scalable ballasted gaff cutter
  •  Easy to transport
  • Self-righting                       

Fractional gaff rig, the easiest to manoeuvre!

You can change the sails to suit your mood and they couldn’t be easier to lower in case of strong winds…no risk doesn’t mean no fun.

Light sailing? This will float your boat!

Many different types of Gazelles des Sables



  1. 1 sail    '   Cat-boat'
  2. ref. C1
  1. 2   sails  'Gaff cutter' :
  2. ref. C2
  • 3   sails 'Sloop'
  • ref. C3
  1. Options : Gennaker, Spinnaker, Top-sail, etc.
  2. ref. V1, V2, V3


La gazelle des sables