Approval and CE

European certification

 All boats from the Gazelle Des Sables Ateliers meet the CE standard as stated on each unit’s identification plate. That means that each boat comes with the following:

  • A written declaration of conformity: The Gazelle Des Sables Ateliers’ official guarantee of the boat’s compliance to regulations.
  • An owner manual including information about the boat, equipment and instructions e.g. restrictions.
  • An identification plate: this plate must be permanently fitted to the boat. It states the name, CE marking, boat design category, maximum load and maximum capacity.
  • A boat identification number(CIN or HIN number) fitted permanently to the hull, usually on the boat’s transom.


About regulations

Regulations have recently been reviewed in Europe then passed as French legislation on March 11th 2008 as “Division 240” (please see full decree dated March 11th 2008 published in the official journal on April 8th 2008).

The regulations’ stability and buoyancy requirements are detailed in the ISO 12217 (12217-1 for motorboats and 12217-3 for sailboats measuring 6m or less).

The identification plate states several key details: adherence to CE requirements during design and construction, the CIN (or HIN) number, a form of ID for the boat, the design category, power and weight capacity. Regulations for sailing and namely sailboats measuring 6m or less are subject to the sailor’s common sense and responsibility. The list of compulsory safety equipment is limited to a few items which will actually be useful in case of requirement, as long as they are used properly, so time must be taken to learn about them. Your one-stop information source: the official Maritime Affairs website!

Last point to note: it is strictly forbidden to sell a boat without a CE marking (i.e. without an identification or CIN/HIN number) in Europe. Boats built by amateurs can be sold as long as 5 years have passed since the boat’s registration. Therefore, buying a sailboat measuring 6m or less with no CIN number or CE marking exposes you to serious issues registering your boat as required by your insurer and civil liability.


Sailing Category

 All our boats are unsinkable, CE approved and certified for use at sea in category D. All of them can be fitted with a motor and can include a mast, sails, oars or motor to suit your tastes.