Our transportable boats


The Gazelle des Sables

The sensational small keelboat that’s simple, fun and safe for any sailing enthusiast to take to the water in all year round. Its signature pointed stern makes this sailboat instantly recognisable. This mini sailboat is the most compact of our transportable sailboats.
If you love sailing, this agile and elegant mini sailboat is the one for you. That’s just one more thing that sets the Gazelles apart.

The Gazelle Breizh

This sailboat puts the fun of a sailing dinghy into the best of a keelboat for 4 people. It stands out for being unsinkable and self-righting.
We recognize this ballasted small sailboat with its tilted stern, characteristic of the old tuna Dundee.


The Gazelle des îles

This is the largest Gazelle model at 3.9m long for up to 5 people. An optional cabin cover is available.
The Gazelle des Sables’ big sister is a  – category C.
This ballasted scalable small boat   can be equipped with two masts for sailing in gaff schooner. It is highly recognizable thanks to its round stern , characteristic of ancient Nordic sailing in very safe behavior.

The Lascar du Toul’Ru

The Lascar du Toul’Ru is a cross between a Brittany rowboat and a sailing dinghy that’s incredibly stable and lots of fun. It suits any environment be it the sea or river.
This sailing rowboat can be fitted with a motor making it the ultimate in versatility.