Producing sailboats under 5m long

 Since launching, the Ateliers de la Gazelle Des Sables  have brought together respect for the environment and pioneering technology. The Ateliers de la Gazelle des Sables  use specialist equipment to meet the demands of polyester production using vacuum injection methods: Vacuum Injection, Infujection and Infusion.

Our natural resource management system stands out for the use of natural protective oils on our woodwork… This means our clients help protect the environment on a daily basis and reduce annual maintenance reduced to a minimum.

Our business goes hand in hand with developing the composite of the future for lighter, stronger, longer-lasting, cheaper and more eco-friendly parts.


Top quality boat building

Although well-known in aeronautics, automobiles and composites, vacuum injection is still rare in the boat building industry as it isn’t suitable for this type of hi-tech process. However, the method has countless benefits: 

  • top quality polyester: reliable and durable construction, perfect weight and material management, fantastic aesthetics, remarkable finishes
  • sustainable development: toxic gas pollution cut by 99.95% during manufacture, end-of-life combustible waste, full incorporation of sustainable development principles…

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