The Gazelle Breizh

The Gazelle Breizh:  unsinkable small sailboat

For sailing enthusiasts, the strong and sensitive sails give you controlled power.
For small crews and families, space for up to 4 people on board.

  • The thrill of a dinghy
  • The comfort of a keelboat
  •   Portable
  •      Safe
  •         Simple

Your small sailboat: spirited!

Many different types of Gazelles  Breizh



gbsloopgbfoc de g
  • 1 sail    '   Cat-boat'
  • ref. C1
  • 2   sails  'Gaff cutter' :
  • ref. C2
  • 3   sails 'Sloop'
  • ref. C3
  • Options : Gennaker, Spinnaker, Top-sail, etc.
  • ref. V1, V2, V3


La gazelle des sables