Review of the Gazelle des Sables – advanced level

Hi Marie,

Here’s a little report on our outings

Slight breeze with a 3/4 Bft NNE wind at high tide: the first time for my wife who wanted to learn to steer. 
It’s still as easy to launch the boat. Aside from answering onlookers’ questions, it’s just like in the guidebook!
We had the wind behind us to reach a calm playground and the downwind meant we could do some fun-filled jack-knifing.
My wife had a good time steering and found it easy. With the first time a success, we continued with crosswinds and took the time to admire the canal landscape with the little port houses and moored boats. Time passed and the tide went down with a rising current. No worries: a little blast from the electric motor and we were back in the dock.
We reloaded the boat onto the trailer and realised it was already quite late. We’ll put it back for a few days then we’ll finish up by visiting the Erdre together. We had a great time meeting other owners and visiting the Gazelle Des Sables Ateliers.
The boat is truly fantastic and very safe for any trip be it on river or at sea.

I use it whatever the conditions and still get as much pleasure out of it.