The Gazelles: Unsinkable gaff cutters


The Gazelle des Sables

The Gazelle des Sables makes plain sailing a breeze for maximum pleasure whether you’re with a shipmate or sailing solo: it can be transported on a car trailer, has a spacious cockpit, is light as a feather, its launching wheel makes handling simple, it’s easy to maintain and so much more. 


The Gazelle Breizh

Our entire range is scalable so you can set sail to your heart’s content: all the Gazelle Breizh models can be scaled up from 1-4 sails at any time.


The Gazelle des Iles

It’s may be bigger than the signature Gazelle des Sables but it’s just as nimble. The new neo-traditional sailboat has all our signature features: fun, simple, safe and scalable. 

The Gazelle des îles: family-friendly, smart and comfortable For sailing enthusiasts, the versatile sails and electric motor (optional) give you controlled power.  For small crews and families, have an […]

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The Gazelle Breizh:  unsinkable small sailboat For sailing enthusiasts, the strong and sensitive sails give you controlled power. For small crews and families, space for up to 4 people […]

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The Gazelle des Sables:  self-righting mini-boat For sailing enthusiast to experience the thrill of an agile and elegant keelboat with versatile sails that the whole family, from beginner to […]

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