Gazelle des Sables Testimonial, Côte d’Armor – Sept 2014

Much anticipated delivery of my Gazelle des Sables in Northern Brittany. Marie took the time to clearly describe how best to prepare the boat, rig it properly depending on the weather conditions and be ready to set sail.
I spent 3 weeks in Brittany this summer and handling my Gazelle des Sables was a real pleasure. I hadn’t been in a sailing dinghy for over 30 years but I could handle this sailboat with no preparation.
Everything was fantastic, the Gazelle des Sables is easy to manoeuvre and launch, it’s safe and reacts to gusts of wind. I changed the sails to suit the wind by adding or removing the jib which was very easy to rig. My sons also enjoyed trips on the Gazelle des Sables despite having no real sailing experience and they found it very easy to handle. I also appreciated having the electric motor when nearing the beach as it’s teeming with rocks in North Brittany. It meant my journeys there and back were stress-free. 

…To sum up, my return to sailing after a 30 year gap was a success because of the beautiful and efficient design of Walnut, my Gazelle des Sables.