Gazelle des Sables Testimonial – summer 2015

The Gazelle Des Sables is pure delight!
A super secure, super fun little boat with bags of charm and functional to boot! Everything’s been brilliantly thought out thanks to the designers! My last boat wasn’t right for sailing with my budding sailors so when I read about the Gazelle Des Sables in a newspaper article, I headed straight to Marie and Patrick’s workshops! It’s easy to handle and very easy to rig (no shrouds). Although you can take it to the beach on a trailer on your own, we always have someone who comes to help us so they can get a closer look at it! On the water, it sails brilliantly given its small size and rises with the wind as it should…what joy! When you’re on board, you forget your worries, it’s your escape, a real breath of fresh air! It’s fabulous! Also, children feel good in it with the closed and protected cockpit and you can easily cast a fishing line! Basically, it’s one amazing little sailboat!